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The next Mass Effect has reportedly entered ‘very early development’

BioWare is a very busy studio at the moment. Not only are there still multiple teams trying to salvage Anthem and rebuild it from the ground up, but the studio is also working on the next Dragon Age and apparently, the next Mass Effect has also entered ‘very early development'. 

In a report over the weekend, it was revealed that Anthem is still very much in active development, with teams re-evaluating and reworking all of the major systems and mechanics in hopes of creating ‘Anthem 2.0'. In the meantime, we know other squads at BioWare are working on the next Dragon Age, which is reportedly coming out in either 2021 or 2022. Looking further ahead, the groundwork is also being put down for Mass Effect's return.

According to Kotaku, long-time Mass Effect director, Mike Gamble, is currently leading early development of the next Mass Effect game. Previously, Gamble has worked on the original Mass Effect trilogy, Andromeda and acted as lead producer on Anthem during the game's final year. Mass Effect was unfortunately put on hiatus in 2017 after Andromeda launched to poor reception.

The specific BioWare office behind Andromeda was broken up but BioWare as a whole has been adamant that the franchise is not dead and will return. Earlier this month for ‘N7 Day', BioWare released never-before-seen concept art for the series, while key developers tweeted out asking fans what they would like to see in the next game.

This was all seemingly in aid of the next Mass Effect game entering development. There will be a team planning the story and concepts for the next Mass Effect under Gamble's leadership. However, pre-production can be a lengthy process, so it could easily be five years or so before this new game comes to fruition and is formally announced.

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KitGuru Says: For now, it looks like we are going to be getting another Mass Effect. Whether it ends up being a sequel to Andromeda, or an entirely new adventure remains to be seen though. What would you all like to see in a new Mass Effect game? As exciting as it is to hear that a new title is being worked on, I'm still not expecting to see it until 2022 at the earliest. 

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