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The Nintendo Switch is getting a Pokemon game this year but the 3DS is still the main focus

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that the Pokemon Company would be holding a surprise 8-minute Nintendo Direct stream. Well, the stream just concluded and in total, we got three announcements. For starters, yes a Pokemon game is coming to Nintendo Switch this year but it isn't the rumoured Pokemon Stars. Instead, Switch owners will be getting a Pokken Tournament Deluxe Edition. Meanwhile, 3DS owners are getting a somewhat new Pokemon game.

Pokken Tournament DX is an upgraded version of the original Pokken Tournament on Wii U. It's a fighting game that can be played on the go, hooked up to the TV or in the Switch's ‘table top' mode. It comes with five new playable Pokemon and a new ‘team battle' three versus three mode. Ranked matches will be part of the package and there will be a playable demo at E3 ahead of the September 22nd release date.

Announcements start at 30:15

Owners of the 3DS are getting two new releases. For starters, on the 17th of November, there will be a simultaneous global release for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. These versions of the game come with an alternate storyline, which takes place in the same setting as the original. There will be new pokemon and some ‘new features' but specifics weren't mentioned.

Finally, 3DS owners are also getting Pokemon Gold and Silver via the virtual console. This is launching on the same day as Pokken Tournament for Nintendo Switch.

KitGuru Says: While I was underwhelmed by the announcements made today, I don't think it is really Nintendo's fault. There have been unsubstantiated rumours surrounding a mainline Pokemon game for the Switch for months now and it seems that put an expectation in the heads of many fans. Perhaps we'll see a bigger Switch game announcement from the Pokemon Company in 2018.

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