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The Nostalrius team is meeting with Blizzard

Last week, Blizzard officially responded to fan conversation surrounding the closure of the Nostalrius private server, which sparked growing calls for an official legacy server. While the company has put out the idea of a ‘Pristine Realm' as a compromise, Blizzard is also set to meet with the team behind Nostalrius, who managed to get vanilla WoW working fairly well.

In a forum post titled ‘Situation update', the Nostalrius team confirmed that they would be meeting Blizzard at their HQ: “The last few weeks have been full of exciting events that we did not anticipate. We saw the first official answer from J. Allen Brack on the topic of legacy servers, the petition reached 250.000 signatures, and we are currently scheduling a meeting at Blizzard campus!”


“We are very excited to be able to help Blizzard understand the part of their community asking for legacy servers and many other related topics, in the hope that they will eventually make it possible to legally play previous game expansions.”

We don't know how productive the conversation between Blizzard and Nostalrius will be, but if they can make a compelling argument for vanilla servers and offer technical solutions to get the job done, then this could turn out positively for those that want to replay an older version of World of Warcraft.

KitGuru Says: It is cool to see that Blizzard is willing to meet with the Nostalrius team and it will certainly be interesting to hear how these talks go. Do you guys think Blizzard should bring on the Nostalrius team and put them in charge of vanilla servers? That may not be the outcome we get here but it seems that the recent petition has got Blizzard rethinking its stance on legacy servers. 


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