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The original Dead Rising is coming to the PC this year

Around a decade after its initial launch, the original Dead Rising is coming to the PC, giving us a chance to get better acquainted with Frank West and his first adventure. Capcom made the announcement that Dead Rising 1 would be coming to the PC for the first time this week, along with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the build-up to Dead Rising 4.

We already knew that this announcement was likely coming for the PS4 as a trophy list for the game leaked on Monday. However, the PC announcement was a pleasant surprise.


There are still some important details we don't know. We don't have an exact release date, nor do we know if this is going to be a ‘remaster' or not. However, for current generation console owners, they will also get the chance to play through Dead Rising 2, which did come out on the PC already.

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KitGuru Says: Dead Rising 3 wasn't the best PC port around but hopefully that can be rectified with the original Dead Rising coming to the platform. Are any of you guys fans of the Dead Rising series? Will you be picking up the original when it comes to PC? 

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