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The Star Wars Humble Bundle is live

The Humble Bundle is back, this time offering up nine classic Star Wars titles, with the promise of more to be added over the next couple of weeks, all to raise money for charity. Pay what you want games include Knights of the Old Republic and Jedi Knight Academy.

Those looking to beat the average, which is currently just under $10, will receive Star Wars Battlefront II, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and Star Wars Republic Commando.


However, if you can cough up $12, you'll get everything including Star Wars Empire at War and the fairly recent Force Unleashed titles, which see you take the role of Darth Vader's secret apprentice.

This time the Humble Bundle is raiding money for Unicef. Remember that you can split which company gets the biggest cut from your donation between the charity, developer and Humble Bundle itself.

You can check out the Star Wars Humble Bundle, HERE. 

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KitGuru Says: If any of you never got around to playing some of the older Star Wars games then this is a good chance to pick them up on the cheap, it's all for a good cause too, which is always nice. 

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