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The Steam Summer Picnic Sale is officially live

We may have had the heads up way in advance but in-case you didn't notice, the Steam Summer Sale is now live. This year, Valve is calling it the ‘Summer Picnic Sale', running from today until the 4th of July.

Daily deals and community choice are still not present but Valve is doing daily ‘Highlights' which will just give some extra front-page exposure to certain games each day. There is also some mini-features for free to play games having sales on specific microtransactions or DLC elements and there is also some featured VR games if you own a headset and need some new titles to try out.

Steam Sale

Today's highlighted games include:

  • Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
  • This War of Mine
  • The Banner Saga 2
  • Darkest Dungeon
  • NBA 2K16
  • Stardew Valley
  • Stellaris
  • The Lego Franchise
  • The Assassin's Creed Franchise
  • The Sonic Franchise
  • The Call of Duty Franchise
  • The Arma Franchise
  • And more…

As with the winter sale, all games on sale now will remain at that price for the duration, so there is no need to keep checking back every few hours for changes, if there is something you want, feel free to pick it up without worry. Check out the sale, HERE. 

KitGuru Says: At this point I own so many games that I'm not really sure what to pick up. I have heard some good things about Stardew Valley and Darkest Dungeon so they might be on my list. Is there anything you guys are planning on picking up this sale? 

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