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The Year of Luigi will officially end in March

The year of Luigi is officially coming to an end on the 18th of March, giving the green plumber a 397 day long sprint in the spotlight. Luigi starred in a few games this year, including Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Super Luigi U and Mario and Luigi Dream Team.

Miyamoto announced this on Miiverse, saying:
“Almost a year has passed since I announced the Year of Luigi, marking the 30th anniversary of Luigi’s debut. Thanks to everyone’s kind support, we were able to release many Luigi games over the course of the year. I hope everyone continues to cheer for the green brother! However, all good things must come to an end, and the Year of Luigi will conclude on March 18.”


Since Luigi’s year is ending, the Miiverse community and developer’s room forums will be closed. The year and 32 day long celebration of Mario’s green brother was meant to commemorate the character’s 30th anniversary and it definitely brought us some good games, if you own a 3DS then Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is worth a playthrough.

KitGuru Says: Did you guys play any of the Luigi themed games that came out last year? 

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