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There may be two more ‘seasons’ of Hitman

IO Interactive are trying something different with Hitman this time around. The game is ‘out’ but it is getting episodic content updates throughout the rest of the year and by the sounds of things, the new model is going quite well, as there could be two more seasons worth of episodic Hitman in the future.

Responding to a tweet sent to the Hitman Twitter account, it was said that there is a plan in place for up to three seasons of Hitman but so far, another season hasn’t been confirmed: “Of course, our plan is to have three seasons. Although Season Two hasn't been confirmed yet.”


Since then, one of Square Enix’s community managers clarified the comment in a forum post, explaining that while there is an overarching story in mind for three seasons worth of content, right now the team is focussed on finishing up the current season, before venturing beyond:

“We planned out an intricate storyline that spans across several seasons, and our ambition is to continue and unfold it with future Hitman games. That being said, our whole focus and attention is without a doubt on Season 1 right now, providing the very best Hitman experience possible. It's far too early to talk about what's next, before we haven't even finished this journey. We really want to process all our learnings from Season 1 from every possible angle. Only then we're in a good and solid position to think and talk about what's possibly in store for the future.”

So the main take away from this is that Hitman appears to have worked well in its new episodic format and there may well be more of it in the future.

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KitGuru Says: Quite a few people have been enjoying the new Hitman game but I’ve found myself staying off of it for the time being while new content is in the works. That said, it looks like enough people are actively playing to encourage future seasons, though it will be a while before we get more official details. Have any of you been keeping up with Hitman recently?

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