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There won’t be a PlayStation Experience event this year but Microsoft will hold an Xbox event

Ever since E3, fans have been wondering when Sony was going to announce the date for this year's PlayStation Experience event. The months went on and Sony stayed quiet on the situation. Now we know why, as Sony officially announced over the weekend that there would be no event this year. Microsoft is keen to swoop in and steal the holiday spotlight though, as an Xbox event will be taking place in November instead.

Sony has been bringing the PlayStation Experience back regularly over the last few years, usually to promote end of year announcements and tease new games that weren't ready for E3. In 2016, Sony used PSX as a way to announce The Last of Us II but in 2017, the event was quieter, serving as a way to show off more God of War and Detroit: Become Human. It seems that Sony doesn't have much more to say this year after its E3 showcase, so the PlayStation Experience will be skipping a year.

Without PSX this year, it looked like there would be a gap during the holiday season when it comes to gaming news. However, Microsoft has swiftly swooped in, bringing back ‘XO', an Xbox focussed event that last took place during the Xbox 360 era.

XO18 has the potential to be quite exciting, Microsoft has used this event in the past to make huge announcements. For instance, XO was used to announce the launch lineup for the Xbox 360 in the past. This year, we know that XO18 will feature some announcements, a big episode of Inside Xbox and the debut of mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox One. The event takes place on the 10th of November in Mexico City.

KitGuru Says: It'll be a quiet few months for PlayStation fans but hopefully Microsoft can bring something to get Xbox owners excited. I imagine we'll be seeing a bit more of Crackdown 3 but I'll be holding out for some new first-party announcements.

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