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Titanfall 2’s multiplayer is free to play this weekend

Titanfall 2 has only been out for a month and despite receiving excellent reviews and positive coverage in general, sales for the game haven't been great- despite what EA wants you to believe. In an effort to get people to at least give the game a shot, Respawn Entertainment will be holding a free multiplayer trial this weekend, giving those perhaps on the fence a chance to try it out.

If you happen to be an Origin Access member, then you will get to start playing on the 30th of November (today) until the 4th of December. However, if you don't subscribe to that service, you will get in on Friday the 2nd of December.


This comes just a week after Titanfall 2 went for as low as £20 at many stores across Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Despite what appears to be a troubling time to get people to give Titanfall 2 a chance, EA execs have noted a couple of times that the publisher is committed to the future of the franchise, so there could be room for a sequel in the future.

If you want to see how Titanfall 2 runs on PC before going through the download process for the free weekend, you can check out our analysis and benchmarks for the game, HERE.

KitGuru Says: I really enjoy Titanfall 2 but the game could do with some additional promotion to expand the player base a bit. I guess the hope here is that if people at least give the game a chance while it's free, then they may pick it up and stick around. It isn't a bad tactic but time will tell whether or not it will pay off.

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