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Treyarch lists Black Ops 3 PC changes from Beta feedback

Treyarch has said in the past that it is aiming to make a solid PC title this year with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, it even gave us a list of system requirements and PC-specific features way ahead of time. Now, after a proper beta test back in August, the development team has been able to implement some important changes based on the feedback from PC users.

In a new community blog post, Treyarch listed all of the changes it has managed to make thanks to beta feedback. Number one on the list is obviously optimization, which has improved the game's performance, on top of that, we can expect driver updates from both AMD and Nvidia around launch with some additional performance improvements.


Some players described mouse movement as ‘floaty' or ‘laggy', the development team agreed and managed to crack down on the problem based on player feedback. There have been some changes made to network compatibility to allow more people to connect to servers without problems and finally, many of the bugs have been found and fixed already, including those that make the game freeze or crash.

Those who want to see the PC requirements can find them, HERE. PC features will include two player split-screen, an FOV slider, SLI/CrossFire support and 4K textures.

KitGuru Says: I tried the Black Ops 3 beta on the PC and it seemed to run well. Treyarch seems to be doing a good job, which is nice to see, particularly after the mess that was Call of Duty: Ghosts. Do any of you still play Call of Duty from time to time? Are you thinking about grabbing Black Ops 3 this year? 

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