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Ubisoft and Netflix team up for Splinter Cell series

Netflix has been turning to video games more frequently lately for new series adaptations. The latest publisher that Netflix is teaming up with is none other than Ubisoft, this time to create an animated series based on Splinter Cell. 

Splinter Cell fans have been clamouring for a new game for quite some time. Unfortunately, nothing on that front has been announced yet, but perhaps this new Netflix series could drum up enough newfound interest that Ubisoft will finally sink some funds into a reboot, or a brand new game in the franchise.

As we learn via a Variety report, this Splinter Cell anime will be written by Derek Kolstad, the same writer behind John Wick. Needless to day, this is a great combination, as Kolstad has shown plenty of promise when it comes to writing action with a hint of seedy groups of bad guys up to no good.

The series apparently has an order for two seasons and a total of 16 episodes, but we do not yet know when to expect to see it. Since this is being branded as an anime, it will also be interesting to learn what animation studio ends up working on the project.

KitGuru Says: This announcement is exciting, but it would be much sweeter if we also had confirmation of new Splinter Cell games coming down the pipeline. What do you all think of this announcement? 

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