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Ubisoft announces Ghost Recon Breakpoint ahead of E3

While a leak yesterday may have spoiled the surprise a bit, last night Ubisoft announced a brand new Ghost Recon game ahead of E3 next month. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is set to be a followup to Wildlands, focusing on co-op gameplay once again and taking players out of the cartel-infested desert and throwing them on to a tropical island.

Breakpoint takes place on the island of Auroa, a fictional island set in the Pacific ocean with multiple biomes, ranging from jungles to cold mountains. Ghost Recon was initially a tactical shooter and some of those elements were lost in Wildlands, which took a more action-heavy approach. This time around, it sounds like we'll get some of those tactical elements back with camouflage mechanics. You will also be able to pick up injured comrades or dead enemies to move them out of sight.

There are four classes available in Breakpoint and you will be able to set up camps where you can heal up and change gear loadouts. There will be more survival elements, as players can become injured and break limbs, which will impair movement.

The main story will focus on a rouge group called ‘The Wolves' and their hostile takeover of the island. A PvP mode will be launching alongside the main campaign this time around, with character progress shared between the two. Raid missions will also be added to the game this time around.

We'll likely be getting more details at E3 next month during Ubisoft's presentation. For now though, we do have a release date- Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be launching on the 4th of October for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

KitGuru Says: Ghost Recon Wildlands was fun with friends but also somewhat forgettable. There were some very cool post-launch events along the way though, which I hope will return this time around. Did many of you play Ghost Recon Wildlands? Will you be returning for Breakpoint this year?

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