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Ubisoft has fixed The Division’s Incursion loot glitch problem

Last week saw the release of The Division's first free DLC, adding in a new end-game activity to the game that could be played for the best loot in the game. However, players quickly discovered a glitch with the mission that allowed them to beat it with ease and obtain rare loot each time. However, a solution has now been implemented that should put a stop to this.

Instead of fixing the wall clipping issue, or the gun damage problem, Ubisoft has made it so that the APC in the Falcon Lost mission can only be defeated using C4.


While Ubisoft did announce its intent to punish players using these glitches prior to the fix, nothing else has been said on that front, which means those that did grind for loot will have a fairly big advantage in Dark Zone PvP until other players start to catch up. Obviously, Ubisoft also still needs to fix wall clipping and gun damage glitches too but at least for now, people will have to play properly to obtain Gear Sets from Falcon Lost.

KitGuru Says: While it is good that Ubisoft has fixed the loot grinding problem with Falcon Lost, a lot of players have already profited from it, giving them an advantage going forward unless. If a fix can't be reached this time around, then hopefully Ubisoft will be able to avoid these mistakes in the future in order to keep the game fairly balanced. 

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