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Valve removes AI bots from competitive Counter-Stike: Global Offensive matches

Competitive CS:GO underwent a fairly major change this week, with Valve removing bots from the game. Traditionally, if someone was kicked or disconnected from a competitive match, they would be replaced by an AI bot that another member of the team could take over after dying. This feature has now been removed. 

Bots in CS:GO have never been great and players have requested improvements to the AI. Rather than going in that direction though, bots are being removed from competitive (5v5) and Wingman (2v2) entirely. This brings CS:GO more in line with Rainbow Six Siege, which does not feature player-replacing AI bots in competitive modes either.

There is still some room for improvement here though. Valorant for instance provides the team with a cash boost in the event that they lose a player, giving them access to more gear and giving them a better chance of fighting back while missing a teammate. For now, Valve is not going in this direction but perhaps it is something the developers will consider later on.

There are other tweaks being made as part of this week’s CS:GO patch, all of which you can find HERE.

KitGuru Says: What do you all think of this move? Bots have been a staple in Counter-Strike for many years now, so it is a little weird to see them removed. 

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