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Valve to show off a compilation of Portal VR experiments next week

The Games Developers Conference is set to kick off next week and Valve will once again have a presence there. This year, Valve will be holding a virtual reality demonstration that will bring us all back to the world of Portal and the labs of Aperture Science.

Valve is going to be showing off ‘The Lab', a compilation of new VR experiments set in the Portal world. As you would expect, these experiments are purpose built to showcase the HTC Vive and its Roomscale VR technology.


Valve has been experimenting with Portal in a virtual reality setting for a while now. Last year, videos started popping up showing off a Portal VR demo built inside of the Source 2 engine but this later went on to become the Steam VR Performance benchmarking tool, which is now available on Steam.

As to any serious games, Valve could be working on now, rather than small experiences or demos, we did recently get a look at some hidden files that hint at further progress on both Left 4 Dead 3 and Half-Life 3.

KitGuru Says: It doesn't look like Valve will be launching its own full-scale game alongside the HTC Vive but it does seem to have a few demos prepared. It will be interesting to see what Valve has been experimenting with next week. 

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