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World of Warcraft Nostalrius servers are returning this month

This has been a big year for World of Warcraft in more ways than one. Not only has the Legion expansion been incredibly successful so far, but a lot of attention has been brought to the possibility of legacy/vanilla servers. Legacy servers have been a hot topic ever since Blizzard lawyers sent a Cease and Desist letter over to Nostalrius, a private vanilla server provider. Since then, Blizzard's stance on private servers hasn't changed but the team behind Nostalrius is coming back for round two anyway.

The team behind Nostalrius had the opportunity to meet with Blizzard earlier this year to discuss legacy server support but since then, things have gone quiet on that front. According to Blizzard, the studio has not abandoned the legacy server idea just yet but Legion expansion content is keeping the WoW team quite busy at the moment.

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In the meantime, though, Nostalrius has decided to share its database and code with another private server project known as ‘Elysium'. This means all previous Nostalrius players will be able to access their old characters and items on Elysium servers but there will also be a ‘fresh start' server in place for those who wish to start again.

The servers will open on the 17th of December at 5PM in the UK, following a massive 10,000 player stress test.

KitGuru Says: As excited as some might be to see Nostalrius technically return under a new roof, Blizzard still takes a hard stance against private servers and this news will likely land on their radar quite soon. With that in mind, I do wonder how long this revival can possibly last.

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