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Yakuza 7’s next paid DLC appears to be New Game+ and higher difficulty

Yakuza: Like a Dragon, otherwise known as Yakuza 7, has been out in Japan for a while now, with a worldwide release scheduled for later this year. Since the game is already out in Japan, DLC has also been rolling out, although the latest could cause some controversy, with the latest paid expansion including New Game+ and access to a higher difficulty.

Yakuza 7 already has some scepticism surrounding it, in part due to a big shift in the combat system. The game has moved away from action-based real-time combat to a turn-based system. Now, the Japanese Twitter account for the game has also confirmed New Game+ will be a paid option, as will a higher difficulty mode:

The Google translation into English isn't perfect but it does describe New Game+ and a high difficulty mode as part of a paid expansion pack. Of course, since the game isn't out in the rest of the world yet, it isn't necessarily true that the same paid DLC will make its way over seas, but it seems to be another idea Sega is using as part of new experimentation with the Yakuza series.

Yakuza 7 wouldn't be the first game to release a paid challenge pack of sorts. Nintendo itself has done this with titles like Breath of the Wild.

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KitGuru Says: The Yakuza series has traditionally had a legendary difficulty and New Game+ option as part of the main game, so turning it into paid DLC is going to cause some controversy. How do you all feel about this idea?

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