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Overwatch is getting an experimental mode to publicly test gameplay changes

Despite a new hero reveal and the announcement of a sequel at Blizzcon last year, Overwatch has remained somewhat stagnant. Blizzard is hoping to change that in 2020 with the launch of a new experimental mode, with the first experiment being matches with triple damage. 

Blizzard will be cycling in new experimental features from time to time across all platforms, meaning owners of the console versions can also test new ideas, as the Public Test Realm is PC-only. This won't be a mode for new balancing tweaks though and will instead aim to bring in more “radical” gameplay changes.

Another feature Blizzard is testing is a role queue system, where players lock in to a particular role they want to play in a match before being matched up. Developers are actually a little concerned about this system and how it will impact the popularity of certain characters, so balance changes will also be coming.

Not all changes will be fully implemented into the main game, so players shouldn't freak out if they play a mode they don't like. Blizzard may also have plenty of reservations about some of the experiments being put out for testing.

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KitGuru Says: It will be interesting to see what other ideas are put out for public trial using the experimental card. Have any of you tried this out yet? 

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