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2023’s Video Game Hall of Fame inductees announced

As the video game industry matures, it is only fair that a record of some of history’s most important titles is kept for the sake of posterity. As can be observed in other media industries, the world video game hall of fame inductees for 2023 have now been announced.

Each year, a select number of titles are added into the video game hall of fame, cementing them as being important historical pillars of the video game industry’s ever expanding history. For 2023, the 4 inductees were:

  • Barbie Fashion Designer
  • Computer Space
  • The Last of Us
  • Wii Sports

It is always interesting to see the list of inductees every year as they tend to include a decent variety of titles. Such is the case with this year’s winners, spanning multiple genres, gameplay styles, target audiences and perceived levels of cultural impact.

While the full list of inductees is equally as varied, some of the more notable inclusions are: Tetris, Minecraft, King’s Quest, Super Mario Kart, Solitaire, Final Fantasy VII, Halo: Combat Evolved, Doom, Pac-Man, World of Warcraft, and The Legend of Zelda – to name a few.

As video games age and the industry moves to new technologies, it is becoming ever more important to keep a record of those titles which paved the way for the gaming industry to become as big as it is. It will be interesting to see what this list looks like a decade from now.

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