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The Last of Us becomes the most watched show ever on HBO Max

The premiere of HBO’s The Last of Us adaptation earlier this year was met with an equal amount of critical and commercial success. During its airing, the show managed to break all manner of records. With its conclusion, this continues to be the case as the show has now become the most watched HBO Max title ever across multiple regions.

Warner Bros. Discovery recently released their fiscal reports, announcing the details surrounding the success / failing of its shows and IPs. One of the highlighted successes (as shared by Twitter user DomsPlaying) was The Last of Us, with the report revealing that in the US, the show has managed to average around 32 million viewers per episode.

While impressive in its own right, the show has also amassed a huge international audience, with The Last of Us becoming the most watched HBO Max title ever across both Europe and Latin America.

Undoubtedly aided by its success, HBO Max has now finally begun to turn a profit, thanks to an influx of over 1.6 million new subscribers since the start of the year.

A follow-up to HBO’s The Last of us has long been confirmed (with Part II’s story in fact said to be split up into multiple seasons), but regardless is it exciting to see another video game adaptation seeing such mainstream success.

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