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OurMine hack HBO to offer help against hackers

HBO has had a tough time with hackers lately, with sensitive information being ransacked and held to ransom. The American TV network has experienced yet another attack today, however in a twist of fate, the perpetrators are a lot more noble in their cause. Today’s attack came from OurMine, a …

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How about a Game of Thrones edition Xbox One?

With the season finale of Game of Thrones now complete and the world struggling to come to terms with what happened (and that we need to wait another nine months to find out what happens next), Microsoft is hoping to ease that pain with some special hardware: a Game of …

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Game of Thrones leaked early by pirates, again

Despite efforts made by HBO to crack down on potential leaks of the new episodes of its flagship medieval fantasy show, Game of Thrones, they just keep on spouting. Once again the latest episode of the show appeared online before it was available through legitimate channels. In recent years along …

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Game of Thrones season opener triggers piracy surge

With the official debut of this season’s episode one of Game of Thrones, millions of people around the world have been eagerly watching to find out what is set to happen to some of their favourite characters. Not everyone did so through official channels though. Indeed, more than a million …

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HBO and Showtime try to sue for pre-crime piracy

Usually when someone is charged with a crime, they’ve already committed it, but not in this instance. HBO and Showtime, the two premium TV companies set to broadcast the Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. boxing match in a few days time, have announced their intention to sue the owners …

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HBO Go is going to be added to Sling TV

HBO Go is going to be added to Sling TV just in time for the next season of Game of Thrones. Sling TV subscribers will be able to watch HBO shows live as well as via video on demand without needing a cable subscription. Sling TV and HBO have not …

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Game of Thrones Season 4 breaks piracy records

Game of Thrones is a wildly popular show and as with any such programme, it attracts impressive numbers of pirated downloads. However, the latest season has broken all previous records, with over a million illegitimate downloads in the half a day after release and over 300,000 people sharing the episode …

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HBO Real Sports looks at LoL and MLG

HBO’s Real Sports segment, which purports to show you what happens behind the score board and “off the field,” took some time out from its usual coverage of real world action, to instead focus on esports, interviewing key players in the League of Legends pro scene, people at Riot Games …

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HBO understands piracy better than most


One of the biggest choices for modern media consumers is whether to get their content legally, or illegally. While the former is certainly becoming easier, cheaper and faster, often times the latter is just more convenient. Most companies ignore this and do idiotic things, like sue their fan base, or …

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