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HBO’s The Last of Us hits new viewership milestone with 4th episode

The 15th of January saw HBO’s The Last of Us premiere to a huge audience, with the episode reaching 4.7 million viewers during its airing – the second highest debut for HBO since 2010. Since then, each successive episode seems to have continued to amass a greater audience, with the recently-aired 4th episode hitting a new series high.

As reported by Variety, the 4th and most recent episode of HBO’s The Last of Us has managed to hit a major new milestone – amassing a total of 7.5 million viewers during the episode’s airing. This marks a 17% increase over episode 3’s 6.4 million, which was itself a 22% increase from episode 2 (5.7 million).

The continued growth of a series over the course of its season is rather uncommon, with HBO’s other major production – House of the Dragon – premiering to 10 million viewers but then rather rapidly seeing a reduction.

If HBO’s The Last of Us continues with its current trajectory, then the sky's the limit for just how big the series could potentially get. All that we know right now is that the already-confirmed season 2 of the show is going to be HUGE.

In an interesting move, the 5th episode of the show has been brought forward by a few days so as to not clash with the upcoming Super Bowl. We will have to wait and see what this means for the episode's figures.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the show so far? Have you been watching week-to-week? How many viewers do you think the first episode of season 2 will manage? Let us know down below.

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