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Sony might be looking to revive old franchises

Sony might be looking to revive old Playstation franchises such as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and even Jak and Daxter in an effort to return to the brand’s roots. Sony Computer Entertainment President and group CEO, Andrew House, hinted at possible character revivals in an interview with The Telegraph: “In concept, it …

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There will be a ‘The Last of Us’ live-action movie

Over the years Hollywood has become increasingly interested in the world of video games with many major franchises being considered for theatrical release and now, The Last of Us is one of them. According to Deadline, Sony subsidiary, Screen Gems, will be creating the film while the game’s Creative Director, Neil …

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Well, Activision still owns Crash Bandicoot

Last week we talked about the possibility of Crash Bandicoot making its return to Sony and making a comeback. Unfortunately it seems that Activision still owns Crash Bandicoot – though it might be looking in to reviving the franchise itself. An Activision spokesperson spoke to Game Informer, confirming that the …

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