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Leaker offers development update on rumoured TLOU Part III

Back in December of last year, trusted industry insider ViewerAnon claimed that The Last of Us Part III is currently in development at Naughty Dog. This is all we knew at the time, however the insider has now returned with additional details, including progress on its development and some light story details.

For those who played The Last of Us Part II, the game’s ending allows for the franchise to go in multiple potential directions. According to ViewerAnon, Ellie will remain a core part of the story, saying “Look, it’s early, story details are tweaked and everything is potentially up in the air to be changed, but I assure you I’ve heard Ellie is at least as important in LAST OF US PART III as she was in PART II.”

Offering additional details on production, the leaker claimed that “All I can say is I’ve been very vocal for quite awhile that THE LAST OF US PART III is in development and others are finally noticing. Major filming is happening this year.”

When asked whether ‘filming’ meant motion capture, ViewerAnon responded “However you define it, they are rolling cameras and recording audio as well.”

Naughty Dog themselves have remained rather quiet regarding what their next single player project is, but considering the fact that The Last of Us is now more popular than ever thanks to the HBO adaption, it would make sense to be working on another entry in the series. We will have to wait and see.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of the leak? Would you like to see Part III be made? Do you think the team are working on a 3rd game alongside TLOU3 and the Multiplayer title? Let us know down below.

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