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HBO release first trailer for The Last of Us

The Last of Us TV show had been in development hell for years, with little bringing the adaptation any closer to reality. After involving the likes of Craig Mazin, Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey and even Neil Druckmann himself, the show looks to be coming together nicely, with HBO now releasing the first teaser trailer for the live action The Last of Us.

Though no release date was given aside from the already-known release year of 2023, HBO has now given fans their first proper look at the live action adaptation of The Last of Us. Starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, the Last of Us TV show will closely follow the events of the first game, but will feature some major departures, as well as cut content from said game.

This can be seen in the trailer, where certain new scenes have been added externally of the game, such as what appears to be a dinner scene taking place prior to the outbreak. Stylistically the trailer follows closely to the games, further giving the sense that the TV show is keeping faithful to the source material.

For many, The Last of Us is all about Joel and Ellie, and while this teaser showed us quite a lot, we still have yet to see how Ramsey and Pascal perform as Ellie and Joel in an extended scene. That being said, what we have seen looks rather exciting. Hopefully we get to see more soon.

KitGuru says: What did you think of the trailer? Are you more or less excited now? Could the show surpass the game in your opinion? Let us know down below.

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