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Sony is making God of War, Horizon and Gran Turismo TV shows

Though we have yet to witness the full fruits of any of its labour, Sony has spent the past few years trying to adapt its many video game IPs into other mediums. In the wake of the Uncharted film’s release to commercial success, Sony is seemingly going all-out with its transmedia deals, officially announcing that they are working on God of War, Horizon and Gran Turismo TV shows.

During Sony Picture’s most recent business briefing, the tech giant announced that three of its most current and popular gaming franchises (God of War, Horizon and Gran Turismo) would be getting their own TV adaptations. Though light on specifics, Sony did confirm that the Horizon show would be produced by Netflix, while God of War is being handed off to Amazon.

It is currently unknown who will be producing the Gran Turismo show – though in all honesty, the concept of a Gran Tursimo show is much less defined when compared to the likes of God of War and Horizon. Will it be a documentary? A fictional show? A Drama? We will have to wait and see.

It is clear that Sony is going all in on this notion of transmedia intellectual properties. Many of Sony’s first party games are story focused affairs and so are ripe for translation into other mediums.

As mentioned, Sony finally managed to complete and release the Uncharted film after years of development hell. Making over $400 million so far however, the film was a clear success. Though Uncharted is currently the only video game property from Sony to see their debut outside of its original medium, the folks at HBO are currently hard at work on a high-budget TV translation of the critically acclaimed The Last of Us.

Additionally, rumours have persisted for years now claiming that a Twisted Metal TV show starring Anthony Mackie is in the works at Peacock. All this is to say that Sony clearly has big plans for all of its intellectual properties.

KitGuru says: Which of the shows are you looking forward to the most? Which do you think has the greatest potential to go wrong? What other Sony IPs do you want to see made into a TV show / film? Let us know down below.

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