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Babylon’s Fall will crossover with NieR: Automata

Babylon’s Fall has yet to be released, however ahead of the game’s 3rd of March release date developer PlatinumGames has announced that Babylon’s Fall will be getting crossover content with NieR: Automata.

Early impressions of Babylon’s Fall have been somewhat negative, with overall interest towards the upcoming co-op action RPG seeming to be quite low. For the more than 6 million NieR: Automata fans who purchased the also-PlatinumGames developed title, however, a new incentive has been announced.

PlatinumGames has now announced that as part of Season 1 of Babylon’s Fall, the game will see a crossover event which changes the headquarters to be NieR: Automata themed, and will also include a NieR themed dungeon and NieR cosmetic rewards. Season 1 of Babylon's Fall will be free for all those buying the game, meaning that no content should be gated…hopefully.

NieR: Automata is one of Square Enix’s hottest properties, with 2B and friends crossing over in some capacity with over a dozen franchises, including Dragon Quest; Monster Hunter; Phantasy Star; Gravity Rush; Soul Calibur; Fall Guys and Final Fantasy.

While it may feel like a cheap tactic by some, the collaboration is likely to draw more eyes towards Babylon’s Fall. Hopefully the game ends up being good.

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