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Death Stranding composer announces departure from Kojima Productions

While Death Stranding may have been a divisive game, most agree that the title had a unique and excellent soundtrack which perfectly complemented the world of the game. Ludvig Forssell, who composed the soundtrack for Death Stranding and other Kojima games, has now announced his departure from Kojima Productions.

Making the announcement on Twitter, Forssell said “After 10 years working in-house as a Composer/Audio Director at Kojima Productions, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be pursuing my future as a freelance composer. It’s been a blast! Thanks, KJP! Now, I’m happy to tackle a variety of projects in all types of media”. Alongside this, Forssell has launched a new website, which can be found HERE.

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Ludvig Forssell is a Swedish composer who created the music for Metal Gear Solid V, P.T. and Death Stranding, for which he has won a number of awards, including being nominated for multiple BAFTAs.

Though it is sad to hear that his musical talents may not appear as part of Kojima’s next game, it will be interesting to see what projects he takes on next. Being a freelance artist gives him much greater freedom to pursue new projects and so it will be exciting to follow his future career both as part of and outside the video games industry.

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