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Death Stranding x Fall Guys announced

As with many live service games nowadays, Fall Guys has had many crossovers in the past. From NieR Automata to Half Life, Sonic and more, Mediatonic have bean-ified many iconic video game characters. The latest crossover brings Sam Porter Bridges from Death Stranding into the battle royale game.

Making the announcement on Twitter, Hideo Kojima himself said “!Collaboration! Sam “Porter” Bridges’ costumes in Death Stranding will appear in Fall Guys! Available from July 18th!”

Sam Bridges will be obtainable as part of the final Fame Pass for this current Season (ending on the 22nd of August). For the uninitiated, Fall Guys’ Fame Pass acts very similarly to a regular Battle Pass, with the primary difference being that there are multiple Fame Passes in each season “that cost less but reward you with more value for your playtime.”

Since its release back in August of 2020 Fall Guys has managed to collaborate with dozens of different games, brands and IPs – including but not limited to: Portal, Hotline Miami, Ninja, Dr. Eggman, Godzilla, the Doom Slayer, Cuphead, Ratchet and Clank, Ghost of Tsushima, Sackboy, Aloy, Ezio and so many more. The Fall Guys Fame Pass costs 600 Show Bucks (roughly $5).

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KitGuru says: What do you think of this crossover? Are you still playing Fall Guys? What games do you think handles crossover content the best? Let us know down below.

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