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Diablo IV will include a ‘Skip Campaign’ option

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the upcoming June release of Diablo IV, especially following the open betas hosted by Blizzard – with many fans going through the beta content multiple times with different characters. Those wanting to play with and level up multiple classes will fortunately not need to grind the story, as the devs are adding a ‘skip campaign’ option to Diablo IV.

As discovered by Twitter user ‘DatModz’, the latest episode of Diablo IV’s ‘inside the game’ series (focusing on the title’s classes and customisation) featured a shot which seemed to confirm that with its official release, the game will include a skip campaign option.

Upon sharing this discovery, Diablo’s Global Community Development Director Adam Fletcher confirmed the feature, though added some clarification, saying “[you’ve] gotta beat the campaign once for this.”

The feature was then elaborated on further by Diablo IV’s Lead Quest Designer ‘Don Adams’ who added “As [Adam Fletcher] mentioned, this becomes available for your account after beating the #DiabloIV campaign once. Each character can then skip at creation or any time after.”

Adams continued, “Did you roll a bunch of alts to explore the classes before taking one to the finish line? You can skip the alts ahead or play them through – up to you. Want to play just up to your favourite part of the story or to grab a specific quest reward before skipping to the endgame activities? Go for it.”

Concluding the positive news, Adams stated “The team worked hard to build a high quality Campaign as an introduction and initial journey through the world of Diablo IV. I think it's worth playing multiple times, but we never planned on requiring repeat playthroughs per character or even per season. Once per account. Enjoy!”

It is highly welcome to see that Ubisoft-styled ‘time savers’ or other such XP boosting mechanics will not be necessary in Diablo IV. Hopefully more games follow suit.

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