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Dontnod is allowing all devs to work from home permanently

While the COVID-19 global pandemic has and continues to be a terrible tragedy, one of the few advantages witnessed by its side effects is the fact that many companies adopted a temporary work-from-home mandate, helping employees realize that most jobs can be completed more efficiently from home. The upper management at Dontnod have recognised this, and will now allow all employees to work from home permanently if they so desire.

In a press release on its website titled “DONTNOD embraces flexible working modes!” the French game developer and publisher revealed that “DONTNODians can now choose between working from home and working in an office in a new permanent work organization called FROG (Fully Remote Organization).”

This decision came after a vote that was conducted in October 2020, where “87% of employees were in favor and all now enjoy the benefits of working from their home if they choose”. Furthermore, this new work situation is a permanent change, with the publisher saying ”This system will remain in place past the pandemic with the aim of bettering work-life balance and providing more flexibility in work organization.”

For many occupations, working in an office is entirely unnecessary and studies have proven that working from home can not only increase employee happiness, but also productivity. Despite this, most companies reject this flexible working, either due to misguided beliefs, or in order to maintain greater control over employees.

Either way, this move adopted by Dontnod is great for the company and its employees and even works out to the benefit of the company’s products. Hopefully other publishers will take note, and follow suit. The full press release can be found HERE.

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