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Dozens of details revealed regarding Horizon Forbidden West

As the much-anticipated Horizon Forbidden West inches closer towards its February 18th release date, has finally begun to open the floodgates – allowing fans an in-depth insight into the upcoming world of Horizon’s sequel. Not only are there new enemies, weapons, mechanics, locations, and quality of life improvements but Horizon Forbidden West is overall looking like it will be an immersive and expansive open world.

IGN recently got their hands on Horizon Forbidden West and revealed to fans 32 new and exciting additions/features added to the game. Some of the most exciting Included:

  • Climbing is much more free and open, making for seamless and smooth traversal – aided by a Pull Caster (Just Cause-style) and the Glider Shield Wing
  • At least two new weapons have been revealed: the Javelin Thrower and the Shredder Gauntlet
  • As is being added to many Sony games, Horizon Forbidden West is getting a workbench in which Aloy can craft and upgrade materials
  • Aloy’s armour and outfits are treated in a much more expansive manner, with each individual piece offering bonus stats which can be manipulated to every player’s preference
  • The team have focused heavily on melee combat, and this will be no more evident than in the fact that players can partake in melee arenas where they can compete and even view their friend’s high scores on an online leaderboard
  • Side quests are treated with much greater importance and depth, with returning characters helping to create bonds with Aloy and the player
  • The open world is being treated with as much importance as the story itself, meaning Forbidden West won’t feel like a traditional action-adventure game with an open world but more akin a fully realised universe
  • You will now be able to infinitely collect resources thanks to a stash which said resources are transferred to – if your personal pouch is full (Bloodborne-style)
  • Horizon Forbidden West has its own in-world board game which you can play and compete in – potentially spending more time on it that the rest of Horizon Forbidden West combined

These are a few of the highlighted upgrades coming with Horizon Forbidden West. All in all, the game looks to be a huge improvement over what was already an excellent title. Horizon Forbidden West has the potential to cement Guerilla Games as one of the leading video game studios in the industry – on the level of developers such as Naughty Dog and Rockstar Games.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of these improvements? Are you excited for Horizon Forbidden West? What are the three most premiere studios in the industry right now in your opinion? Let us know down below.

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