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F-Zero X is coming to Nintendo Switch Online

Since its launch in October 2021, Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack has seen a new game added to the Nintendo 64 library roughly once per month. March’s game has now been announced.

From the 11th of March, those who are subscribed to NSO’s Expansion Pack can gain access to F-Zero X; the N64 release of the iconic racing franchise. F-Zero X specifically lets you “Choose from 30 different hover-car racers, including updated versions of the Blue Falcon and other vehicles from the original F-Zero game.”

With 29 other racers on the track, maintaining speed without crashing is tough – even more so thanks to the variety of game modes, which consists of “[trying] to win a Grand Prix Cup, get the fastest lap time in a Time Trial, or destroy the competition in a Death Race.”

Thanks to the online aspect of the game, you can also engage in full online multiplayer – theoretically allowing you to play in full 30-player lobbies (though Nintendo limits online to 4 real players). F-Zero’s absence in modern times has been felt by many fans of the franchise. Hopefully this newest addition is just the first step before a brand new F-Zero game. One can hope.

Finally, it is interesting to see relatively few SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis games being added. Aside from the 15 launch titles and a small drop of 3 games in December, there has been no news regarding additional games – though it is promised to come eventually. If the service is to justify its cost, then the SEGA side needs to up its value.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of this month’s addition? Do you like F-Zero? Would you like to see the franchise return properly? Let us know down below.

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