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Fallout 76 co-development studio working on original AAA UE5 project

Sperasoft Studios is a Silicon Valley-based co-development studio, having worked on all manner of major releases – including but not limited to Fallout 76; The Outer Worlds; Dead Space (2023); and Star Wars the Old Republic to name a few. Now, the team seems to be working on their own AAA 3rd-person action-RPG using Unreal Engine 5.

As discovered by Twitter user ‘Timur222’, Sperasoft Studios’ Technical Game Director Andrew K listed on their LinkedIn that they are currently working on an “unannounced AAA third-person Action-RPG” adding that the game is being developed using Epic Games’ latest and greatest Unreal Engine 5.

While not the first game to be developed wholly by Sperasoft Studios, it does seem to be their biggest yet. As mentioned, the team have in the past worked on a number of new and original IPs, however none of them could be described as AAA, with the list of titles including the relatively unknown ‘True Russian Hunt’ and ‘Wheels of Destruction’.

It is always interesting to see studios making the big jump from indie experiences to massive AAA titles. Hopefully whatever the team is working on, they are taking their learnings from the dozens of titles co-developed over the years. We will have to wait and see.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of the few details shared so far? What would you like to see this game be? Which studio do you think made the transition to AAA development the best? Let us know down below.

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