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SEGA shares lifetime sales for its biggest franchises

SEGA may not be the industry juggernaut that it once was, but it has amassed a respectable reputation in recent years thanks to a renewed focus on releasing quality titles. As part of the company’s recent fiscal reports, SEGA offered total sales stats on its most popular franchises.

SEGA (and new subsidiary Rovio) recently held a press conference for its investors, offering new sales stats and more on its many IPs. As part of this, the company released total unit sales figures for its biggest franchises, with the breakdown being as follows:

Japanese Studios

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog – 1.4 Billion
  2. Like a Dragon (Yakuza) – 20 Million
  3. Persona – 17 Million
  4. Phantasy Star – 9 Million

European Studios

  1. Total War – 38 Million
  2. Football Manager – 24 Million
  3. Company of Heroes – 10 Million
  4. Two Point (Hospital and Campus) – 3 Million

While Sonic the Hedgehog is by far SEGA’s biggest franchise, it is surprising to see the disparity in sales between it and the second most-popular franchise. That said, it is worth noting that the 1.4 billion figure includes free-to-play mobile titles and so the comparison is not 1-to-1.

Even so, it is safe to assume that despite having more critically acclaimed franchises, Sonic the Hedgehog will always remain the face of SEGA. Hopefully the eventual release of Persona 6 helps to push that franchise to new heights.

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