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God of War Ragnarok sequel has been teased by game’s voice actor

While it may be far too soon to be talking about a sequel to last year’s game of the year contender God of War Ragnarök, one of the title’s voice actors has seemingly confirmed just that – offering a small hint at what fans can expect from the inevitable sequel.

As part of PAX East 2023, Tyr’s voice actor from God of War Ragnarök – Ben Prendergast – took part in a panel where in discussing their role in the God of War franchise briefly teased the inevitable sequel, stating (as shared by Shark Games): “And I'll say this, it isn't the last you've seen of Tyr.”

Without delving into any spoilers whatsoever, it is interesting to see that a follow-up to Ragnarök has already in essence been confirmed. God of War Ragnarök was pitched as the final entry of the Norse duology meaning that whatever we see next will likely be the start of something new.

That said, do not expect any official news on a sequel any time soon. 2018’s God of War took 5 years to develop, with Ragnarök likewise taking nearly half a decade. What’s more, there have been rumours for years that Sony Santa Monica is working on a new IP, possibly sci-fi themed.

God of War Ragnarök has sold over 11 million copies in just a few months and so regardless of any story implications it is inevitable that a new entry is on its way. Still, semi-official confirmation of this fact is exciting nonetheless.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of Prendergast’s statement? What do you want to see Sony Santa Monica work on next? When do you think this Ragnarök sequel will be released? Let us know down below.

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