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IOI reveals new details on its James Bond game

First popular back in the early to mid-2000s, we have begun to see a renewed interest in developers creating high quality AAA licensed games. One of the latest licensed games to be announced is that of IO Interactive’s James Bond game. While little is currently known, the studio has offered new details on the upcoming title.

According to thegamer.com, IO Interactive is putting a lot of stake into this new James Bond title, with the studio planning to double its staff from 200 to 400 over the next few years in order to accommodate the scope and scale of this new project, while opening a new studio in Sweden – allowing IOI to perhaps handle multiple projects at once.

This expansion is necessary too, as it would seem the studio has long-term plans for this newly announced partnership. While no specific number was given, it would seem that IOI is eyeing the potential for the game to turn into a trilogy. This potential is aided by the fact that the studio will not be tied to any previous or current James Bond, but will instead be an entirely new and original Bond with an original story – meaning that IO Interactive can go in any number of directions with these games.

Of course, this game is still years away and it’s likely we will not hear from it for a long time. Still, it is exciting nonetheless to see the much-loved studio working on a much-loved IP while still being given the freedom needed to ensure that the game is as good as possible.

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