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King Kong and Godzilla might come to Warzone

As more and more Battle Royale games are created, there is becoming more of a need for each one to stand out. Fortnite has managed this by making massive seasonal events featuring huge spectacles – and it looks like Call of Duty may be planning on doing the same thing.

In a report by Tom Henderson and xfire, it was discovered that Call of Duty Warzone’s concept art images (which were not yet intended for release) feature both King Kong and Godzilla in the Battle Royale game.

This is said to be part of a larger plan by Call of Duty to compete with the likes of Fortnite when it comes to spectacle. Since its launch, Fortnite has hosted many seasonal events – one of which included a massive fight between two giant creatures. Could Call of Duty be setting up for a similar thing? It’s entirely possible, though maybe not for a while.

According to Henderson, Call of Duty Warzone was originally developed with one year of post-launch support in mind, and so the game was not created to handle such large scale changes. This is perhaps why we have seen Warzone fall behind slightly when compared to the likes of Fortnite – at least when it comes to the evolution of the title.

Fortunately, Call of Duty Warzone 2 has been announced, and will undoubtedly be designed and reengineered to support long-term development and changes. What this means for Godzilla and King Kong is unknown. Most BR titles align their in-game crossover events with new releases such as Avengers, Borderlands and more. Perhaps a sequel to 2021’s Godzilla vs Kong is in works with a 2023 release date? We will have to wait and see, but regardless it is exciting to see Call of Duty (a franchise known for spectacle) finally leaning into what it knows best.

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