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Konami is bringing back dozens of delisted games

As a publisher, Konami has taken many steps away from the limelight, especially when it comes to big budget releases. While the number of new games being created remains rather small (for now), the publisher has continued to dip its toes back into the industry – the latest move which will see dozens of old Konami games brought back for sale.

Konami owns some of the most iconic franchises in gaming, from Metal Gear Solid, to Castlevania to Bomberman and so much more. The publisher previously announced that the Metal Gear Solid games – which were delisted and so unavailable for purchase – would be coming back to digital storefronts at some point in the future,

Now, the publisher has announced that a whole host of other games are also set to be brought back, with the official Konami shop taking to both Twitter and Instagram to say:

“ATTENTION KONAMI FANS! For the first time ever, all the classic games you love and the new games you’re waiting for are coming to the Official #Konami Shop as Steam Digital Downloads! 23 Games. 18 DLCs. Are you ready to play?”

This was then followed up by a number of hashtags, giving fans a hint at some of the older franchises set to come back, namely: Castlevania, Silent Hill, Bomberman, GetsuFumaDen, Metal Gear and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – to name a selection.

Konami has slowly but surely been inching itself back into the video games industry. Hopefully this latest move is eventually followed by a whole host of brand new games. We will have to wait and see.

KitGuru says: What do you think of Konami’s announcement? Which games do you want to see return? What is the most underappreciated Konami franchise in your opinion? Let us know down below.

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