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Konami unveils new ‘Silent Production Team’

After moving away from the video games industry in favour of pursuing other money-making avenues, Konami has slowly but surely returned to game development – primarily partnering with external studios to work on the publisher’s IP. That said, Konami has now announced that they have opened up a new in-house dev team known as the ‘Silent Production Team.’

As reported by ResetEra user ‘Lucia’, Konami’s careers Twitter account published a post announcing the formation of this new internal team, saying (as translated by Google):

“The ‘Silent Production Team’ is recruiting artists, planners, engineers, and project managers. Please join us in this work, which has many fans overseas! A chance to be involved in game production in a cutting-edge development environment.”

In going to the company’s recruitment page, a few more details can be discerned. While the company did not state what the purpose of this new team is, the name alone suggests that it is to do with the Silent Hill IP. Adding proof to this, as part of a Q&A released, Konami explicitly stated that:

“The Silent Hill production team has many people who like action games and horror games , as well as people who like foreign dramas and movies that deal with serious themes , so those people will be able to work on a work that is very compatible with them. Even those who like works with a heavy atmosphere and heavy themes will be able to fully unleash their maniacal sensibilities.”

Currently, the publisher has announced a number of projects in the Silent Hill universe, including a remake of Silent Hill 2 (by Bloober Team); Silent Hill Townfall (from Annapurna Interactive); Silent Hill F and Silent Hill The Short Message.

Having a core team which would presumably offer creative input into the world, lore and overall trajectory of the Silent Hill franchise could help lend a sense of cohesion for the revived franchise. We will have to wait and see what becomes of this new team.

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