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Many new Spider-Man: Miles Morales details have been revealed

With the PlayStation 5 just about a month away from release, so too is the much-anticipated Spider-Man: Miles Morales. While not too much information was known about this launch title, Game Informer recently announced that the PlayStation exclusive is their cover story for the month, revealing a great deal of new information on the game.

In their cover story, Game Informer revealed a plethora of new details regarding Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Collated by ResetEra user ‘WordsintheWater’, some of the most interesting notes include the fact that the game is set one year after the first game, and serves as a sequel to 2018’s Spider-Man in many ways. Miles Morales is by no means an independent side story.

While Spider-Man 2018 included many impressive set-pieces, Miles Morales is looking to turn this up to 11, with Insomniac Games taking what they learned from the first game and applying it to Miles Morales.

In combat, Miles Morales will play quite differently from Peter Parker, thanks to his venom and invisibility powers (unrelated to Venom the villain). The differences don't stop there however, as even swinging will feel differently in Miles Morales, due to the fact that Miles is simply much less experienced than Peter – with Game Informer describing his swinging as “helicopter”-like. That being said, Miles will have more tricks that he can perform than Peter did in the first game.

Though the information revealed next doesn’t necessarily include spoiler information, those who wish to go in completely blind may want to turn away now. Peter Parker has been confirmed to feature in Miles Morales, and will even talk to and interact with Miles in person. That being said, part way through the game both Peter and Mary Jane travel to Symkaria, leaving Miles to defend New York.

Miles’ uncle has also been confirmed to be in the game, though it is unknown whether he is The Prowler yet. Speaking of villains, The Rhino has been confirmed to be in the game, and will feature in the opening sequence. Lastly, Insomniac Games confirmed that Miles is the only playable character throughout the game.

Even more details, such as the currently confirmed suits, and the way in which the DualSense interacts with the game can be found HERE.

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