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Marvel’s Avengers is dropping all roadmaps

Square Enix has struggled to maintain an active playerbase for their costly and long-developed live service title ‘Marvel’s Avengers’. In the wake of the announcement that Jane Foster is the next Avenger coming to the game, it was revealed that development on future content for the game is being scaled down.

Following leaks, Square Enix officially announced that Jane Foster will be joining the roster for Marvel’s Avengers. Disappointingly, she is said to “have a lot in common” with Thor’s existing moveset, though the team at Crystal Dynamics claimed that the character will offer “elements that are distinctly Jane.”

The announcement of this latest character led to some fans asking for a concrete roadmap, especially as Mighty Thor (Jane Foster) hasn’t even been given a specific release date. Responding to players on the official Marvel’s Avengers subreddit, one developer at Crystal Dynamics said:

“If your definition of ‘roadmap' is a solid 6+ month plan we're ready to share with players, then no that doesn't exist, because we've released it if it did. If your definition is ‘the current plan of what devs will work on for the next x months' then yes, that's definitely existed, but that's not really baked, especially for distant dates, at the level that we're comfortable sharing it.”

The representative then revealed the reason for this shift away from formal roadmaps, saying “That's sort of what's behind the updates we've done recently. If we limit ourselves to a shorter time horizon, more stuff on the internal plan reaches the level of certainty that we can talk about it in public,” later admitting that “we set up somee expectations that we’re now having to reset.”

What this means for the status of other already-announced heroes is unknown, but what does seem certain is the fact that Avengers’ days are numbered.

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KitGuru says: Are you disappointed by Avengers’ post-release content? How could Crystal Dynamics have avoided this situation? Do you think this is the right thing for Crystal Dynamics to do? Let us know down below.

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