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Marvel’s Spider-Man gets surprise update with uncapped framerate mode

Following the announcement that Variable Refresh Rates are finally supported by the PS5, Insomniac Games announced an update to their recent Spider-Man games, adding VRR support, but also a great deal more.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered update version 1.007 stealth dropped onto PS5 consoles, adding a whole number of major improvements thanks to the recent addition of VRR support. Firstly, as with many other Insomniac Games titles, Spider-Man Remastered now offers a 40fps mode, allowing you to play the game at higher resolutions while still maintaining a smoother than 30fps experience (assuming you have a 120hz display).

Thanks to the new support for VRR, Spider-Man Remastered now features Improvements to ray-traced reflection quality at glancing angles in low-dynamic-resolution scenarios. Additionally, when 120 Hz Display Mode is off, dynamic resolution targets have been increased.

Upon activating the 120hz mode, “you will get a variable, uncapped frame rate that can exceed your chosen Graphics Mode's 30 or 60 fps target by 50% or more.”

The potential of VRR is great, allowing for a smoother and more consistent experience across the board. With the PS5 now supporting VRR, the console’s next-gen experience can finally be truly realised.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of the update? Will you jump back into Spider-Man? Do you have a VRR supported display? Let us know down below.

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