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Media Molecule’s Dreams revamped with update 2.0

Dreams is one of the most creative video games currently available, coming from the minds at Media Molecule. Unfortunately, the game creation toolkit has suffered from a slow adoption due in part to the relatively inaccessible controls. Dreams’ creation tools have now been revamped to be more beginner-friendly.

Making the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, Jen Simkins, the Editorial Manager at Media Molecule discussed two major updates coming to Dreams. Firstly, Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale is a new “third-person dungeon crawler made by Media Molecule and designed to test the skills of only the bravest adventurers”. While Dreams’ main function is as a game creation toolkit, there exist many first-party campaigns. Adding a new one for free after launch is a nice move on MM’s part, and showcases the flexibility of Dreams.

The biggest addition with this update however is a complete revamp of the creation UI, which in the words of Media Molecule “will help make getting started making games in Dreams quicker, easier and more fun than ever before.”

Just some of the changes and additions include “handy game templates and brand-new elements for making a 2D platformer, a dungeon crawler, a side-scrolling shoot-’em-up, mini golf and more besides – including a dedicated template for Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, which features a huge kit for your creative delectation.”

Dreams is an impressive piece of kit and many exciting and interesting creations have been made using the tools. It is therefore hopeful to see the tools receive a full rework to become even more user-friendly. Hopefully this helps give Dreams a new lease of life. The full list of changes can be found HERE.

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