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Microsoft adds new option to increase download speeds on Xbox

With video games getting larger and larger in file size, and the industry moving towards an all-digital future, the need for a fast and stable internet connection is becoming more necessary by the day. In order to help this along somewhat, Microsoft has now added an option to increase download speeds of games at the expense of multitasking.

As reported by Eurogamer, the latest update as part of Xbox’s Insider Program has added the option to increase the download speeds of games and updates. The drawback to this increase in speed is that players will not be able to play any games while this is occurring. Fortunately, while you will not be able to play other games, the titles will remain suspended and will not need to be closed down completely – meaning that once the download has ended, you can pick right back up where you left off.

The reason for this trade-off is that “Xbox keeps a portion of your connection reserved for any potential online connectivity, which quitting or suspending games will then unlock”.  Xbox has marketed itself on offering as much player choice as possible, and this update just adds another feather to this cap. Hopefully those with slow internet speeds can take advantage of this new feature.

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