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Microsoft announces Xbox event taking place days before Series X launch

As we inch closer and closer to the launch of the next generation of video game consoles, it seemed as though Microsoft and Sony had both shown their hands for the launch of their respective consoles. It appears that Microsoft may have one more thing up its sleeve however, as the console manufacturer has announced an event scheduled for just days before the launch of the upcoming Series X.

Making the announcement on Twitter, Xbox Australia/New Zealand tweeted out “Tune in November 9th, 11pm NZDT / 9pm AEDT” alongside a short clip featuring a scenic image of a lake and mountains.

11pm NZDT works out to 11am UK time, which tracks for international viewership. However, this event would take place at 2am in some parts of the US – one of Xbox’s biggest markets – suggesting perhaps that this event might be catering specifically to the Australian market.

If that is the case, then it is unlikely that Microsoft will make any major announcements at this event. Still, it might offer fans the opportunity to take a second look at a number of the console’s launch titles, or maybe even a hands-on with the console itself, depending on what form the event takes.

With just over three weeks until the launch of both the Series X and the PlayStation 5, it’ll be interesting to see if either Microsoft or Sony have any last minute surprises to announce.

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KitGuru says: Are you excited for the Xbox Series X/S? What do you think this event will contain? Do you think either platform has any pre-launch surprises left? Let us know down below.

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