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Resident Evil 4 VR offers roomscale movement, 3D audio and much more

During the recent Resident Evil showcase, a VR version of Resident Evil 4 was teased, with more details promised at a later date. Oculus recently held its own game showcase, offering a much deeper look at Resident Evil 4 VR, and revealing the many changes made to the GameCube classic.

Being a 16 year old game, many of the game’s textures needed to be reworked and improved, especially due to the new shift in perspective. As such, over 4,500 textures across the game have been improved, either through manual repainting, or upscaling. Furthermore, the models themselves have also been reworked to function correctly with stereoscopic 3D.

On the movement side, the game will offer many different options, including full locomotion, teleportation and room scale VR, with a number of comfort options also included, such as snap turning, 180 degree turns and more.

Of course, being a VR game, the interactivity had to be increased tenfold, with the VR controllers facilitating different motions, including reloading, opening drawers, interacting with the inventory, weapon swapping and much more.

Likewise, the enemy movement has been altered slightly to work and align with the altered movement of the player character due to it being in VR. 3D spatial audio has also been added – another must have for VR.

Oculus did confirm that cutscenes and animations were left untouched, allowing for players to still experience Resident Evil 4 in an authentic way while running at a much higher frame rate and with a plethora of bug fixes too.

Resident Evil 4 VR launches exclusively on the Oculus Quest 2 sometime later this year.

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