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Scooby Doo’s Velma joins WB’s MultiVersus fighting game

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate finally concluded, many fans are looking for a new crossover-focused fighting game to fill the void. One game that is trying is WB’s MultiVersus. Planned to release some time this year, the game’s roster is slowly being revealed.

In 2021 we saw Nickelodeon release their All Star Brawl game, featuring characters across the many IPs that they own – from SpongeBob to Korra to Nigel Thornberry. While the game continues to receive new characters via free updates, Warner Bros. is preparing to launch its own Smash Bros-like title.

Currently, 13 characters have been announced for WB’s ‘MultiVersus’, with Velma from Scooby Doo being the most recent. Making the announcement on Twitter, the official MultiVersus account said “Jinkies, a clue – Velma is officially part of the #MultiVersus roster! There are more mysteries to uncover about who’s joining the multiverse, and not all of the leads out there are true!”

Unfortunately, this announcement was accompanied with neither any official gameplay nor even a png of the character model. The devs at Sora Ltd. and Bandai Namco set a new standard when it comes to character announcements with Smash Bros. (even if it is partially thanks to a much larger budget) – and so Velma’s reveal seems somewhat lacking.

That being said, the game has yet to be released, and so it is perhaps unfair to compare Smash Bros’ crossover DLC announcements with MultiVersus’ initial roster reveal. Still, the sentiment regarding Smash Bros. influence still stands, and so hopefully MultiVersus is being treated with more care than their roster announcement strategy signifies.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of the roster so far? Are you still playing Smash Bros Ultimate? Which game has the best chance of succeeding in the long term, Nick All Star Brawl or WB’s MultiVersus? Let us know down below.

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