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Square Enix has delayed Forspoken until late 2022

While Square Enix has insisted that Forspoken is releasing in May this year, rough gameplay previews have shown that the game likely needs more time in development. As it turns out, the development team agrees, and as a result, the game has been delayed until Q4 2022. 

Forspoken is being developed by Luminous Productions, a studio formed by previous Final Fantasy XV developers. The game has already attracted a lot of attention for being one of the first Square Enix titles announced for PS5, but concerns around the game have been growing for months. Not only is this a new IP with a high price tag, but there has also been talk of microtransactions and so far, gameplay previews have looked rough, with a very choppy frame rate.

Initially planned to release on the 25th of May, today Square Enix and Luminous Productions announced that Forspoken has been delayed until the 11th of October, giving the team extra time to polish the game up for release.

“We have made the decision to move the release date of Forspoken to October 11, 2022. Our vision for this exciting new IP is to deliver a game world and hero that gamers across the globe will want to experience for years to come, so getting it right is extremely important to us”.

Over the next few months, the developers will focus its efforts on “polishing the game”. Forspoken is a PS5 console exclusive, but the game will also be releasing on PC on day-one.

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KitGuru Says: With Square Enix starting to charge more for ‘next-gen' games like Forspoken, there will be additional scrutiny on games to hit a certain quality mark. With that in mind, giving extra dev time to a new IP like Forspoken is a smart idea. 

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